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Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman - Sketches of Seasons

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“An album of great nuance and immersive engagement….a delightful interplay of sounds and timbre, superbly judged and timed, musically satisfying and engaging. This is a tour de force in recording quality.” 
- Positive Feedback

Atzko Kohashi - piano

Eddy Koopman - percussion

Total time: 33:11

Original recording format DXD 352kHz.
The original recording is analog mixed and mastered to tape 15 inch/s.
All other formats are converted versions of the original.

"There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another."  
- Édouard Manet

Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings presents:

SKETCHES OF SEASONS by Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman

"Thunder and lightning, stillness and élan, heavenly and earthly, an adventurous journey to the rhythm of the tides. These two open minds know how to enliven and musically shape the seasons in their own unique way". - Hifi.nl

Oftentimes there is a great difference between the initial studio recording and the final end product. Before a final master is made many recordings get processed with numerous mastering plugins in order for the audio to be playable on any type of equipment, from a tiny smartphone speaker to full blown high-end audio speakers. 
For audio lovers with good audio reproduction systems this method is not ideal.

At RAR we are trying to close the gap between what is captured live in the studio and the final master. We want to bring the experience of a live performance directly into the homes of the music and audio lovers. We aim to have the listener experience what the musicians hear when the music is being created. All the emotion, all the excitement as well as the extreme dynamics that the musicians use in order to make the music come alive.

Our aim is to produce a recording that is as close to the true and natural sound as technically possible, without any loss of quality during the recording and reproduction process. We do take extreme measures to ensure this. As an example; during vinyl lacquering we bring our listening equipment to the factory to make certain that the full palette of tone colors, timbre and dynamics are being reproduced. Because we pay so much attention to the whole process we can guarantee that the final product is an awesome detailed copy of the original sound the musicians set out to create. We sincerely hope you will appreciate our efforts capturing the remarkable music of Atzko & Eddy.

Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings: Michael, Frans & Harry.

"Sketches of seasons" is a new take on the familiar 4 seasons theme by pianist Atzko Kohashi and percussionist Eddy Koopman. Improvisations driven from the moment and emotion. The direct ambient-like recording technique of the RAR label ensures that the listener is completely absorbed in the recordings. The musical realization of the seasons is magically portrayed. As if being in a beautiful dream. The palette ranges from the renewing, burgeoning of spring, the glorious of summer, the melancholy of autumn to the cozy embracing of winter." - Platomania.nl

For more information about Rhapsody Audiphile Recordings; www.rhapsodyaudiophilerecordings.com

Recording, mixing and mastering by Michael van Polen, Harry van Dalen & Frans de Rond
All compositions and arrangements by Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman
Executive adviser: Roy Teysse
Recorded the 20th & 21th of June 2020 at MCO Studio 2, Hilversum

Piano tuning: Naomi van Schoot & Charles Rademaker

Used microphones: 

Atzko (piano): Josephson C700S
Eddy (percussion): Josephson C700S, 2x Sonodore RCM-402, Josephson C617 & Josephson C700A

Used equipment:

Micpre's: Merging Horus
Microphone cables by AudioQuest & Mogami
Speakers (mixing): TAD Compact Evolution, Zellaton Plural Evo
Poweramp: Moon 760A
Recording & mixing headphones: Hifiman HE1000se / Sennheiser HD800S
All power cables and power conditioners by AudioQuest.
High-frequency interfering field elimination system by Schnerzinger

Cover Art design by Kees Schreuders
Studio photos by Michael van Polen / Harry van Dalen
Liner notes written by Peter Bjørnild

Catalog Number: SL-1055A

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