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Paul Berner Band - This Bird Has Flown

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"A superior Beatles tribute."
- Guitarist magazine

Paul Berner - acoustic bass
Michael Moore - clarinet and alto sax
Ed Verhoeff - electric & acoustic guitar (left)
Peter Tiehuis - electric & acoustic guitar (right)

Total time: 45:35

Original recording format DXD 352kHz.

Sound Liaison provide the one to one copy of the original master.
All other formats are converted versions of the original master.

“Microphones are just like people, if you shout at them, they get scared.”
- Paul McCartney

The great saxophonist Ben Webster wanted to know the words for every ballad he played. If he could not remember the words he would not play the song.
Paul Berner Band have taken Ben’s rule to heart. These Lennon & McCartney songs are being sung without words but the outstanding musicianship of these musicians ensures that every word is heard.

Paul Berner has managed the impossible. He has taken these Lennon & McCartney compositions, rearranged them for his quartet, opened them up for improvisation and personal interpretation but managed to stay true to the essence of the songs.

"Rubber Soul was the first Beatles album I bought as soon as it was released. I was 13 and I had all kinds of questions about how the world works, all kinds of things I needed to know. The Beatles were about 10 years older than me; they were like older brothers, providing me with the answers. As I listened to Rubber Soul over and over again, I had the feeling that I was learning about girls, about love, about what adult life was, from these older brothers of mine.
What I didn't realize then was I was also learning about songs, about rhythm, about melody, about harmony, about what makes music work; these were all messages my brothers were sending to me by writing these songs. And only now, going back to this music, do I discover that, oh! this is where I got it from! So here’s a big thank you to John, Paul, George, and Ringo."

- Paul Berner

This is the second release in our series 'most influential albums'.
We have asked some of Europe's best musicians to reinterpret one of the albums that was influential in their becoming musicians. The first release was 'Carmen Gomes Sings the Blues'.

Recorded 18 December 2016 at Muziek Centrum van de Omroep, Hilversum, the Netherlands.
Produced by Paul Berner
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frans de Rond
Liner notes, technical assistant and production manager Peter Bjørnild

Used equipment:

Paul: Josephson C700
Michael: Josephson C700
Ed: Josephson C617 / Neumann KM84
Peter: Josephson C617 / Neumann KM84
Main system - Schoeps MK5 (AB)

Micpre's: Merging Horus Premium
Microphone cables: Grimm Audio TPR
Mixing speakers: TAD Compact Evolution One
Mixing headphones: Sennheiser HD800s
Power Amplifier: Moon 760A
Speaker cables - AudioQuest Aspen
Power Conditioner: AudioQuest Niagara 5000

Photo cover: Milan Bjørnild

Catalog Number: SL-1025A

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