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Tim Langedijk & Paul Berner - Down To The Downtown

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Afghan Vet
Another brilliant recording

I love these intimate one mic recordings - so life like in my listening room. Close your eyes, and Tim and Paul are giving you a private concert. I love the music as well - very well written - it isn’t just about the recording - not all of my SQ music I actually want to listen to for enjoyment - but this album is exceptional.

Davor Zagreb
Almost 5 of 5

Sory about title, there is an small issue I did not like.
First things first, congrats to Tim and Paul, and Frans, and the team.
Certainly everobody did their very best to make 768k final cut one of the kind.
And IT IS one of the kind, I enjoyed it very much.
For some reason thou soudstage is left heavy.
The repro system is Focal-style tower based, with no central, and no side reflections.
While 768k cut places Paul behind and slightly to the right, Tim is front left heavy.
This focuses attention to Tim's playing, to left speaker a bit too much.
Can not put my finger on why is this, but doubt my left channel is acting funny.
Not with Paul where he should be..
Please do not let Frans kill me, I enjoy his works very much.
Would be thrilled with left heavyness taken care of in comming releases.
Regards.. :D

Matthew Wright
Exquisite recording

T listenbed to the samples on this site and quickly made the purchase decision. It was a great decision. The sound is so rich, the recording engineering so great. The artoists are in my room, and the music just reaches youn wityh every skilful note.

Volker Ziro

The interaction of the musicians and the sound quality are excellent, very nice songs.

4 total reviews

"If something grooves and you like the sound, then that's all you need." - Ry Cooder

Tim Langedijk - acoustic guitar
Paul Berner - double bass

Total time: 36:38

One-Mic Recording
Original recording format DXD352kHz-24bit.
Mastered by an HQ analog chain to PCM768kHz-32bit.
All other formats are converted versions of the original master.

Down To The Downtown

"After musicians have mastered their instrument, refined their craft, and unearthed their distinctive voice, they face the ultimate trial. It appears deceptively simple: to wholeheartedly surrender to the music at hand, yielding only to its demands. Yet, as any musician will attest, this seemingly uncomplicated task proves to be the paramount challenge of all.

Tim Langedijk and Paul Berner epitomize mastery in music. Residing just a stone's throw away from each other in Haarlem, the Netherlands, they began convening in their spare time, forsaking amplification, effects, or grandiose pretenses opting instead for the raw, acoustic sound of their instruments and the pure desire to let the music speak for itself. As the sessions grew in frequency, a remarkable synergy emerged; together, they discovered that their music gained newfound depth and resonance.

‘Down To The Downtown’ is the culmination of their collaboration. With a repertoire that spans the spectrum, from cherished classics to hidden gems to entirely new compositions, all presented with their signature minimalist touch.
It’s music distilled to its essence, created with minimal means an embodiment of excellence through restraint. 

And the sound…..recorded by sound wizard Frans de Rond with just one 3-capsule stereo microphone, ensuring that the purity and clarity of these two master musicians' music resonates deeply with the listener. A recording with full phase coherence, perfect imaging, a wide and deep soundstage, and superior realism."
- Peter Bjørnild

Tim plays a Gibson J-45 built in 1954.
Paul plays a Tyrollean contrabass built in 1900 by Matthias Albani, Bulsani, Thiroly.

Frans de Rond: recording, mixing and mastering

Recorded 8 April 2023 and 3 February 2024 with a single stereo mic, the Josephson C700S, at Studio 2, MCO, Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Produced by Peter Bjørnild, Tim Langedijk and Paul Berner

Used equipment:

Microphone - Josephson C700S

Micpre's: Merging Horus
Cables by AudioQuest
Speakers: TAD Compact Evolution One
Poweramp: Moon 760A
Mixing headphones: Hifiman HE1000se / Sennheiser HD800S
Audiophile Network Switch by SOtM

Cover design - Caitlin Berner (Glitter Studio)
Catalog Number: SL-1067A

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