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Atzko Kohashi - DualTone

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In Dual Tone, Atzko Kohashi and Sebastiaan Kaptein are working deeply through improvisation. This brings its own unique creative energy.
- Positive Feedback

Atzko Kohashi - piano
Sebastiaan Kaptein - drums

Total time: 56:47

Original recording format PCM 96kHz.
All other formats are converted versions of the original.

"While recording we enjoyed going with the flow an living in the moment. I hope that you can hear it here, and enjoy!"
- Atzko Kohashi

Bill Evans once referred to Japanese 'Sumiye' ~ ink-wash paintings ~ in his liner notes for the original recording of Kind of Blue by Miles Davis sextet in 1958: "There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous. He must paint on a thin stretched parchment with a special brush and black water paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment. Erasures or changes are impossible...."

In retrospect, (as far as I know) he was the first one to touch on Japanese visual art related to jazz music and I'm now pursuaded that Bill Evans had it absolutely right. Believe it or not, the essence of traditional Japanese art, from Japanese sit-down comedy the Way of Tea, surprisingly had so much in common with jazz music.

While recording we enjoyed going with the flow an living in the moment. I hope that you can hear it here, and enjoy!

Atzko Kohashi

Recorded on April 2nd, 2012 at Studio Eleven
Hilversum, the Netherlands
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frans de Rond
Produced by Atzko Kohashi for Toniq Records

Atzko Kohashi: Schoeps MK5 (ORTF) and DPA 4060 (AB)
Sebastiaan: SE Rn17 - overheads and Neumann U67 - bassdrum

Micpre's: RME Micstacy (Analog > MADI)
Microphone cables: Grimm Audio TPR
Master clock: Grimm Audio CC1
Mixing headphones: AKG 702 / Sennheiser HD800
Mixing speakers: Grimm Audio LS1

Atzko plays on a Steinway Hamburg-D
Sebastiaan plays Canopus Drums

Coverdesign by Floris Tilanus
Photography by Govert Driessen

This album is also available on CD
Toniq Records TR00112013

Catalog Number: SL-1005A

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